Training Guide


7.00am9.00am9.30am10.30am 12.30pm
MondayHIITBody ConditioningDevelopment Program
Tuesday Body ConditioningHIITDumbbells
WednesdayHIITBody ConditioningDevelopment Program
ThursdayBody ConditioningHIITDumbbells
FridayHIITBody ConditioningDevelopment program
SaturdayBody ConditioningHIIT
SundayDumbbellsBody ConditioningDevelopment program

We are currently offering the following sessions on our weekly schedule. This information will be useful for you to understand the levels that you should be training at.

Development Training

This training system is aimed at members who are either beginners, returning from injury or have had a long absence from training. These lower intensity workouts will help you to improve your exercise form, posture and confidence.

We recommend you conduct a minimum of 2 sessions per week with low intensity aerobic conditioning, i.e walking and jogging, in the first 3 weeks and then increase your development training to 3 sessions per week.

Body Conditioning Training 

This training system is aimed at ALL members. These full body workouts are conducted between 60-70% of your maximum effort and involve a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills with a focus on mind, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.

Conditioning Training is a perfect balance with our High Intensity Interval Training.

Our only recommendation with these sessions is that you conduct them at the prescribed intensity. 

High Intensity Interval Training

This training system is aimed at members who are more experienced in exercise. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. There are no universal rules with HIIT but these intense workouts typically last under 30 minutes.

We recommend that you don’t do any more than 3 intensive sessions per week.

Dumbbell HIIT Training 

This training system is aimed at ALL members, however we would recommend you have reasonable experience with exercise to attempt resistance training.

Weight training is a common type of strength training for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles.

Weight training targets specific muscle groups and types of movement.

We recommend that you don’t conduct these sessions on the same day as High Intensity Interval Training.

Met-Con Training

Our Metabolic Conditioning Sessions (or Met-Con) are delivering 20 minute workout of more compound based exercises with little rest in-between in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and after the workout. These shorter sessions are a perfect hybrid between our popular body conditioning and HIIT cardio sessions.

These are well designed, thought out, and executed conditioning programs, that will provide the proper stimulus for the participants, helping reset their metabolic rate, allowing for better overall fat utilization, and ultimately better fat loss.